exportcapital carefully considers all serious investment proposals submitted - in that respect we have no rules. we have, however, identified a few key criteria that most of our projects meet that will help you determine whether a relationship with us is right for your business.
investment size: no minimum or maximum for a qualified seed or start-up opportunity.
geographic focus: primarily south africa and southern africa, but the location of your company is less relevant than its potential benefit to stimulating the south african economy.
stage: start-up and early stage companies. we will also arrange expansion rounds and buyout opportunities.
duration: we provide development funding, however, our investments and interests are long-term and we aspire to assist your team through its full development cycle.
economic impact: we are dedicated to improving the well being of the people of africa. your business plan should highlight what you aim to do in that regard and give particular emphasis to your planned empowerment initiatives.

practices are important and necessary, but what counts are returns.

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